Our consulting services begins with a goal in mind - to engage visitors with magical moments.

Entopia’s modern approach to design sets a new paradigm in the development of butterfly garden and nature inspired destinations. Innovation and research are the core of Entopia Consulting’s approach in developing world class sustainable butterfly gardens and insectariums.

Consulting Services

  • Comprehensive Project Design + Attractions Development
  • Project Consultation & Content Development
  • Stand-alone Small Scale Exhibition Setup
  • Habitat Consultation + Project Proposal
  • Breeding and Supply of Live Butterfly Pupae
  • Design, Fabrication and Setup of Indoor Exhibits
  • Butterfly Park Management Consultation and Training
  • Customised Learning Programme + Play Tool Setup
  • Retail Store Unique Merchandise Setup and Supply
  • Environmental Signage Design
  • 3D Animation Walkthrough of Park Design

Support Services

Services in Conservation

One of the most important action that can be taken to preserving the biodiversity of a nation is to persuade governments to preserve the natural habitats of butterflies as forest reserves. Establishments such as butterfly park can provide support to further advance the needed groundwork for conservation. In supporting the world’s conservation efforts, hosting of international butterfly conservation conferences for the purpose of recognising research papers by conservationists have been our ongoing contributions as well.

Services in Research, Breeding & Preservation

Entopia Consulting also provides support to conservation through the research and breeding of invertebrates such as butterflies, fireflies, phasmids, beetles and many other invertebrates. These invertebrates can be exported to most countries for their local exhibition, to be appreciated in their living form as well as through the art of preservation.