Our projects aim to educate and bring awareness to the world


Comprehensive Development + Management

Entopia is our flagship nature learning destination in Penang, Malaysia. We provided complete concept design, design development and management in undertaking this project and was sucessfully opened to public in 2016.

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Konya Tropical Butterfly Garden

Planning & Design + Content Development + Detailed Implementation.

We provided complete concept design and implementation consultation for this unique project located in the historical city of Selcuklu, Konya, Turkey. This government funded project serves as an educational community project for the locals, as well as a unique tourism destination.

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Penang Butterfly Farm

Comprehensive Planning & Design + Complete Management

PBF was the first tropical butterfly and insect park to be set-up in the tropical world and was opened in 1986. With our experienced management team, it had undergone a series of upgrades before it was eventually transformed into Entopia.

Changi Airport Butterfly Garden

Standalone Exhibition + Breeding Outsourcing

Changi Airport Group holds the first title of having a butterfly garden in its airport. We conceptualized and designed a suitable habitat for tropical farmed butterflies and provided sustainable breeding support for this double storey standalone exhibition, which also displays some endemic rainforest plants.

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Setia Eco Park

Environmental Study + Habitat Consultation

This project serves mainly as a prestigious residential park in an enclave surrounded by tropical jungles. The challenge was to develop the site while eventually maintaining the ecological balance in the area. Entopia Consulting provided in-depth survey and ecological study of the site in determining the right approach in maintaining the natural habitat for the flora and fauna and re-introduction of butterfly species within the site. The re-introduction was a success with a thriving community of butterflies.

Abu Dhabi Butterfly Park (Under Construction)

Comprehensive Design + Breeding Outsource & Supply

Abu Dhabi Butterfly Park is to be opened as the first tropical butterfly park in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We provide comprehensive consultancy in developing and maintaining this temperature controlled enclosed butterfly garden with an attached indoor walkthrough exhibition.