A Nature Learning Destination for Penang, Malaysia.

Entopia was opened in 2016 for the purpose of serving as an educational learning destination, as well as for tourism.

Within Entopia lies two worlds for learning in recreation - The Natureland and The Cocoon.

The Natureland, which is a living garden vivarium, is a shared ecological space for a variety of animal species from invertebrates and small reptiles living in their re-created natural habitat. This will be the largest butterfly and dragonfly garden in Malaysia with more than 15,000 butterflies flying at any one time. The living garden will feature more than 200 species of plants, fresh waterfalls, ponds, caves and other artistic garden features.

The Cocoon, which is an indoor discovery centre, features two floors of learning exhibition and indoor activities. The Cocoon is designed to allow visitors a self-exploration of invertebrates through various interactive edu-stations.

Besides the walk-through experience, visitors will also be guided by its nature activity personnels to participate in fun hands-on learning activities. The entire Cocoon itself is also the state-of-the-art facility whereby the visitor experience will be accompanied by technology guided interpretation.

Some of its many exciting attractions within include the Mystery Cave, Montane Pass, Tiger Trail, Pandora Forest, Lumino City, Downtown Entopia, Breeding Ground, Underground Mysteries and Understory Tales. Visitors can observe over 150 species of fauna (invertebrates and other animals) throughout the entire exhibition in Entopia.

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