Changi Airport Butterfly Garden

A Butterfly Garden for Changi Airport, Singapore.

Sprung out at Terminal 3 of Changi Airport in 2008, the butterfly garden in an airport is the first of its kind in the world. With an area size of 422 sq metres, its lush tropical greenery hosts 30-50 species of butter ies as it serves to keep travellers relaxed yet captivated in their journeys. As visitors walk through the garden, they are refreshed with the natural jurassic- like surrounding with sounds of an artificially recreated waterfall, which also cools this tropical themed retreat.

The 2nd-tier of the garden which is accessed through a spiralled staircase, allow visitors to witness the flight activities, feeding and breeding behaviours of the butterlies. Educational corners in the garden allows learning and understanding of the butterflies. One can also see the emergence of butterflies from its pupae, as they hang from inside a unique butterfly release see-through capsule.

When the evening approaches, the greenery and waterfall starts to glow and emanate light. Every night, visitors of this garden finds peace, solitude and possibly romance in an enclosure that surrounds everything beneath with an almost magical, starry-night effect.

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