About Us

We always begin with the end in mind

Entopia Consulting is a one-stop consulting partner for establishing entomological setups and nature-related visitor learning experiences such as vivariums, butterfly parks and nature discovery centres. Entopia Consulting was established in addressing the need for Nature Learning exposure and inculcation in today’s modern society, especially the young through the walkthrough experience of such fun-leisure destinations.


The Rise of Butterfly Exhibitions

The first glasshouse live butterfly exhibit was set up in 1976 by Mr. David Lowe at Guernsey, Channel Island. It was not internationally popularised until Mr. Clive Farrell opened The London Butterfly House in the early 1980, extending his influence on several people, including Mr. David Goh, the founder of the Penang Butterfly Farm. Since then, there were more than 50 butterfly houses in the U.K. and many others in Continental Europe.

The threats to butterflies in the wild through habitat destruction, spread of invasive plants and diseases have helped shaped the growth of butterfly houses. The need for supply of live butterfly pupae fuelled the growth of butterfly breeding farms across the globe. It began to play a pivotal role in sustaining public display of live butterflies and the proliferation of butterfly exhibition destinations.

Since the opening of The Penang Butterfly Farm in March 1986, presumably the 1st butterfly house in the tropical region, the industry has flourished and many big and moderate butterfly houses sprang up all over U.S.A., U.K, Canada and Europe.

Design Principles

Our destinations are a pride of a nation as they bring man closer to the environment.

Our destination-design principles and methodology allow advanced societies to reconnect that lost relationship with Mother Nature. We work with our clients in developing spaces of meaningful exhibits and park solutions that creates the best visitor experience in understanding Mother Nature’s aspirations. Our passion in widening the horizons of Nature, and your collaboration with us is a journey in bringing new meaningful experience to your local community that desires learning the meanings in Nature.

Exhibition Research

Over 30 years of research expanded into projects can carry far reaching outcomes that impact the society and the minds of our next generation leaders.

Experienced park managers and our in-house creative talents blends research with inventions of modern engaging exhibits. We customise living landscapes and fabricate materials based on the outcome of our research methodology, all of which are documented and presented as master plan proposals and development drawings to the client.

Strategic Opportunities

Our licensing opportunity and worldwide brand-alliances presents investors and governments a vehicle for long term local tourism and economic growth.

Investors seeking easy and turnkey solutions find us a reliable partner as we provide consultancy and comprehensive management solutions for their value-driven nature parks. Our unique approach in licensing and branding caters feasible and impactful outcomes to our clients. With our experience in implementation, we strategise projects to receive only the best destination awards.